Playtime for your children should be as natural, beautiful, and simple as possible. That’s what we wanted for our kids. So we started Jenh Toys – we wanted our three children to have access to (almost) any toy they could imagine. We create fun, simple, and engaging toys from all-natural materials.

Do you still have any of the toys you played with when you were little? Modern toys are not meant to last, but Jenh Toys are heirloom-quality, to be passed down from one generation to the next. That’s why we use hardwoods (locally-sourced or sustainably-sourced) and all-natural accessories, glues, and finishes. We want our toys to be around for your children’s grandchildren.

We’re a husband/wife partnership, designing and crafting each toy from scratch. We cut and shape the wood. Then we sand, paint, assemble, and add finish. Together we fill orders, keep the website and shops running, and work with our resellers to get more natural toys to the masses. We were formerly Born At Home Toys, but decided to rename our business to honor our closest grandparents: John, Erma, Nell, and Howard.