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Happy on the Farm animal set

Happy on the Farm Animal Set


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Set includes one each of the following: chicken, pig, sheep, goat, cow, horse.

Animals are handmade in our family workshop from 100% hardwood (in this case, local Black Walnut and/or local Maple.) Details are hand-applied with a wood burner. Tails are made of cotton thread and set with non-toxic glue. Each animal is sealed with our all-natural beeswax finish. Corners are carefully hand-sanded, though certain parts, especially the ears, may pose a risk to very young children, so we recommend these for ages 3 & up.

Chicken measures approximately 2 inches long, 1 1/2 inches tall. Horse is approximately 4 7/8 inches long, 4 1/2 inches tall.

The animal set you receive will not be same set you see in the picture.

If you prefer a custom set please contact us via the contact form.

Note: Although imagination (perhaps even common sense) would suggest that the horse/cow are standing on 4 legs, the reality is that there are only two legs. Therefore, when bumped or nudged, the horse or cow may wobble and possibly even fall over. Please be aware of this when ordering so that there won’t be any shock and surprise of falling animals while playing.

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