Beeswax Polish

Beeswax polish not only works really well, but it also has many, many uses. We purchased our first jar about a year and a half ago and used it on so many things besides toys – wooden bowls, kitchen utensils, even some small wooden items throughout the house.

When the jar went empty, we figured we’d make the next batch ourselves. We bought the same ingredients that had been used in the jar we bought – mineral oil and beeswax. Then we found out that mineral oil is a petroleum by-product – certainly not something we consider to be a natural ingredient.

So (after a little more research), we decided on a mix of jojoba oil and coconut oil. Add in some real,beeswax unrefined beeswax and the calming scent of lavender, and we had a real winner. In fact, our beeswax polish is one of our most popular items.

For our latest batch of beeswax polish, most every ingredient was purchased from small family artisans. We were totally impressed with how it turned out. A few drops of lavender essential oil gave it just the perfect scent, and the consistency/texture is just right for polishing all kinds of wooden things.

Using Beeswax Polish

Beeswax polish is perfect for wooden toys, wooden utensils – you could polish a whole bookcase with it.. Some people will tell you to get out a clean rag, put a dab of polish on it, and massage it into the wood. But not us.

Put the polish right on your fingertips. Not much, mind you. Then rub it into the wood. Massage it in with the grain of the wood, being sure to get any little cracks and bumps that real wood will often exhibit. While you’re protecting your toys or other wooden items, you’ll also be moisturizing your hands.

cherry-catAfter you’ve got a thin, sheer coat all over, then get out your clean, lint-free cloth and wipe off the excess. See the way the cherry cat gleams in the sun? That’s what you’re looking for.

Precautions To Take

There are not really any precautions to take with the beeswax polish itself – all its ingredients are all natural (and most of ours are organic). Just be careful not to get it on your clothes or carpet, as the oil will likely leave a stain.

Don’t leave wooden toys treated with beeswax polish out in the sun. Or rather, don’t unless you want to reapply the polish a little sooner than you’d have to otherwise.

And you will have to reapply beeswax polish every now and then. If you use it on a cutting board, you’ll probably have to put more on every six or eight weeks. On oft-used kitchen utensils that get washed frequently, you may have to reapply every week.

And reapplying on a wooden toy? We’ve found that our wooden toys need a fresh coat of beeswax polish about every three months. Our boys enjoy getting involved in the process, too.

Want to Purchase?

If you’d like to buy a jar of our latest batch of beeswax polish, click here to go to our Storenvy shop. It’s $4.25 for a 2-ounce jar.

At either store, tell us you read about it on our website and we’ll give you a 10% discount (just mention it in the order comments; there is no coupon code for this discount).

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